CTA actuator system


This page is no longer maintained or updated. For information about the CTA actuator system contact MPP or the PO.

Link to B-series design (installed on MST prototype Adlershof).

Link to C-series design (installed on LST1).

This flange design is compatible with the previous version actuators and is recommended for all future mirror development to ensure form locking of the actuator and the mirror flange and hence fulfilment of the earthquake requirement!

Assembly drawing: form locking mirror and actuator flange for D-series (PDF), NEW, April 2018

Drawing: proposed mirror flange for form locking with D-series (PDF), NEW, Oct. 2018

Drawing: actuator flange D-series (PDF), NEW, Oct. 2018

Please contact A. Vollhardt or A. Gadola for further information or CAD drawings (e.g. stp files).

Recommended orientation of actuator axes on mirrors description (PDF).

Drawings of gimbals and axes of actuators:

Gimbal 1dof D-series (PDF), NEW, Oct. 2018

Gimbal 2dof D-series (PDF), NEW, Oct. 2018

Gimbal axis D-series (PDF), NEW, Oct. 2018

Uni Zurich actuator specifications, command list and installation manual

Last updated 28. June 2019, A. Gadola

Actuator system D-series characteristics V1.03 (PDF), March 2019

Actuator system D-series installation manual V0.1 (PDF), June 2019

Actuator command list B/C series (PDF), Feb 2013

Command list for D-series will be uploaded here as soon as it is complete.