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Doktor-, Master- und Bachelorarbeiten


A Study of Coatings with Breath Figure Structures on Silicon Photomultipliers and the Effect on the Photon Detection Efficiency
T. Widmer
Master thesis, 8.2017
Characterisation of parallel interconnected silicon photomultipliers
Ch. Huber
Master thesis, 5.2017


Kabel Test für die FlashCam des Cherenkov Telescope Array
O. Dahme
Bachelor thesis, 3.2016


Characterisation of mechanical properties of the FlashCam camera housing with respect to external mechanical influences
Ch. Huber
Bachelor thesis, 6.2015


Development of a fault tolerant CAN bus interface based on the Raspberry Pi single board computer
T. Widmer
Bachelor thesis, 12.2014


Towards the First Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Camera with Continuous Signal Digitization
A. Gadola
PhD thesis, 11.2013
Aufbau eines Teststandes für die Produktion einer AMC Kleinserie
M. Hochstrasser
Bachelor thesis, 7.2013


Contributions to High Energy and Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy
B. Huber
PhD thesis, 10.2012


Design and Development of an Automatic Mirror Segment Alignment System for the CTA Telescopes
R. Gredig
Master thesis, 10.2011


Wireless Short Range Network for the Active Mirror Control of the CTA Experiment
R. Gredig
Bachelor thesis, 7.2009


A fast online and triggerless signal reconstruction based on cross-correlation
A. Gadola
Master thesis, 10.2008